Hello!   I'm Keith Franke.  I was born in South St. Paul, then my family moved to Cottage Grove and later moved to St. Paul Park where I live currently.  I am a single father of two children, Bren and Kassie and enjoy my two grandchildren Lily and Jordyn.  I am the owner of Park Cafe and Franke's Corner Bar which are both located in St. Paul Park.   I ran for the MN House of Representatives during my second term as Mayor of St. Paul Park.  I have proudly served for two nonconsecutive terms in the MN House of Representatives.


I decided to run for the office of Mayor when I became frustrated with decisions being made at the city level.  I took to the streets and met as many citizens of St. Paul Park as I could in the months leading to the  election.  Taking the time to meet the people I would be representing and listening to their concerns really helped prepare me to make the best decisions as their mayor.  I used this same grassroots approach when running for the House.  Being personally in touch with people in the communities I want to represent is the only way to keep perspective of people over politics.

In my first term serving District 54A I worked with fellow representatives to accomplish real goals for my district and all Minnesotans on the Public Safety, Bonding, Veterans and Property Tax Committees.  My second term I served on the Bonding Committee, Workforce and Business Development Committee and was the lead for the Behavioral Health Committee.  


Through my years of public service at the state and local level I have found a passion for using a common sense approach to ensuring the most effective and efficient use of tax dollars to ensure that the quality of services, benefits, infrastructure and amenities are available to us citizens.

My core belief structure comes from family and becoming a self-made person and small business employer.  Over the last few years of hardship for all, I personally understand the challenges ahead that we face to get back to an economically and physically healthy community so we can all strive for a better future.



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