Water Quality
Every family in our district deserves clean and safe drinking water. PFAs in our water supply are a major issue for East Metro communities, and we must continue private and public well testing and improvements to our water infrastructure. I was proud to co-author bipartisan legislation to keep this funding in our area and being used for our affected areas (HF3660).  I will continue to hold companies and government bureaucratic agencies accountable for our health and safety, and make sure our community gets what it needs to make our drinking water safe for everyone.




Government Spending
With Minnesota facing a $4.7 billion budget deficit, we must do critical review of government policies, procedures and entities to ensure that our tax dollars are being applied in the most responsible and valuable way. We must eliminate every dollar of waste and fraud, and make sure government is spending wisely and that programs are achieving their intended purpose. I know how much families have sacrificed in their own budgets over the past several months, government must do the same and find ways to innovate and create efficiencies so we're using every tax dollar sent to Saint Paul wisely. 







Minnesota is already one of the highest-taxed states in the country. I want to make Minnesota a more friendly state for small businesses and protect families from tax increases, especially at a time when so many are still digging out from the impacts of the pandemic. Tax increases will slow job growth and hurt our economic recovery.

Public Safety
Our public safety officials and first responders need to be provided with the tools and support they need to be successful.   I worked very hard on increasing the fines for distracted driving and penalties for vehicle fatalities related to distracted driving.  Our local law enforcement and first responders as well as those from neighboring communities will benefit from the advanced training they will receive in the at the HERO center in Cottage Grove. I will support our law enforcement and first responders, and am honored to be the only candidate in the race endorsed by the Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association.
We need to work with local school administrators, elected officials and families to continue and expand the success of our children through a quality education during hybrid and distance learning.  Every kid needs and deserve a quality education, and we have a responsibility to do everything we can to deliver it even during these challenging times. I also will continue my work to keep schools safe by supporting school safety measures and boosting mental health resources for our students.

Addiction and Recovery

As someone with 22 years of recovery under my belt, I've lived the issue of addiction and recovery first hand, and know that it continues to impact our communities. We need to focus on providing people the necessary services to find quality recovery programs to overcome the cycle of addiction that is impacting families across the state.  I have led on this issue in the past, and will continue fighting to help those who are struggling with addiction. 

Minnesota veterans deserve our support and thanks for all they've sacrificed for our state and nation, and we must do everything we can to help returning servicemembers transition back into the community and thrive with support in place for those who struggle with PTSD. 
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