Get Out And Vote

Lately, I get asked how the campaign is going. From the amount of people that have requested signs through the website and Facebook and the requests I get after talking to people through door-knocking I think the campaign is going really well! I have been able to introduce myself to a lot of people while canvassing neighborhoods and it has been a great opportunity to hear citizens concerns and answer a lot of their questions for me. The support from people in District 54A has been humbling, overwhelming and inspires me to keep working hard to reach even more people and fight the good fight for them.

Honestly how is the campaign going? I haven't seen any polls and this being my initial run for higher office in a major election year I have no barometer to use as a guide for success. A candidate can feel a lot of support during a grassroots, door-knocking ground game but the proof in the pudding is how many of your supporters get out and vote. Sometimes no matter how engaged we are in the political world it can be difficult finding time in a busy day to stop and take time out to vote at your local polling place, especially while juggling jobs, family and daily life.

Minnesotans have the opportunity to vote early and this is a great way to get ahead of the game and eliminate the rush at the beginning or end of a day standing in line at the polls on November 8th.

If you are eligible to vote in Minnesota, have an email address and have either a MN driver's license, a MN state ID or a social security number you can go online to:

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