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Deciding whether to run for a second term representing the citizens of House District 54A took a lot of time and careful thought. I really enjoy the feeling of helping people and knowing I make a difference in the everyday lives of Minnesotans. There is a lot of responsibility involved in being the voice for a huge, diverse group of people. It is important to always remember that I am not a politician, who says what you want to hear but I am a representative that listens to the voices of the people in my area. No one person has the answer to solve problems and that is why we elect a body of representatives that will speak from their knowledge and experience and interaction with citizens to best serve the interests of the people. My first term had a steep learning curve as I navigated the murky waters of doing what I thought was best for the greater good and balancing a diverse district.

During the beginning of the campaign season I hear a lot of candidates vowing to fight for this and fight for that but what I vow to my constituents is to listen and learn and represent for the greater good of all. Fiscal responsibility is a cornerstone of every family budget and should be the cornerstone of the state budget as well. Everyone must work within their budget and set priorities for their needs and save and plan for the wants. Although we all have different ideas how to attain quality education, quality healthcare, quality public services, quality infrastructure we should be able to find a common ground using common sense principles.

I invite everyone to look at my voting record and see that in 2017 I was voted one of the most moderate MN House voters. I adhere to traditional fiscally conservative principles but I am always open to hearing differing opinions and always strive to represent ALL of the people I have been elected to represent. I am a regular small business owner who still sweeps, mops and works my business everyday so I understand the average person and their plight. I like you, want our communities and our state to thrive economically so we can provide all of the great amenities and benefits that help us all prosper and enjoy our lives.

I appreciate your time reading this and I would greatly appreciate your vote!

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